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Akkel Group is a family business company, started its activities with the first hand-made pasta production in Syria in 1936. After the increase of the local demands, Akkel the grand father started manufacturing pasta with a new half-machine drying system.

In 1974, with the development of our production, a full machine line for spaghetti was installed to expand our marketing strategy all over Syria under the brand Magda.

In 2000 we have installed a full automatic line for short cut pasta as a row material under the brand SIMA.

In 2003, a new production line for cereals and potato based pellets was installed after the increased demands for pastry series.

Today Akkel Group is a leader in the production and marketing of snack pellets and the Syria's leading dry pasta producer with Sima Past brand.

We work in close co-operation with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions to their requirements, trading in two specific areas:

Extruded Pellets for Snack Manufacturers:

Pasta Foods is the world leader in snack pellet manufacture, offering the ultimate combination of shape, texture and quality. We are acknowledged experts in the use of potato ingredients, alongside which we are producing pellets from various other ingredients such as wheat. Our pellets are marketed to snack manufacturers, including many brand leaders. Pellets when fried and flavoured convert to a finished snack product. Pellets are light-weighted and quality of taste.

Ingredient Pasta:

we are the leading dried pasta producer in the Syria. We operate primarily in the Syrian and Middle Eastern food processing sectors. Along with traditional pasta shapes we also specialise in themed shapes, low moisture and instant pasta.

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